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Best Looking Energy Drink Cans

You could tell me that design of a can doesn't matter, and you would probably be correct. But here at Caffeine Shark we decided to incorporate "Appearance" into our Scoring Methodology because we accept that marketing works on us. Not only when we're picking the can off the shelf, but when we're drinking and judging the taste as well.

Since each of The Sharks has an appearance score for every drink that we review, it was pretty easy to sort and pull our top rated designs.

If you want to debate our picks or let us know your favorite can, hit us up @CSharkOfficial on Twitter.

Monster absolutely killed it with this can. Great starting point with the gold background, but with the added texture around the logo and abstract artistic design around the rest of the can, it all comes out to an elite appearance.

I really like the look of this can. It's refreshingly different, in a sea of cans that are uniform across the product line. The white background contrasted with orange and silver metallic accents is striking. The label borders on being too busy, but provides a lot of stimulation for the eye. The exploding mango is a nice touch that really drives home the "Juiced" theme. In my humble opinion it's one of the best looking cans on the market.

The can is also freaking awesome as the Full Throttle logo is already cool, and then they placed it over my favorite shade of blue. Well done to whomever designed the logo for Full Throttle.
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