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Our Story

Founded in 2020, Caffeine Shark was created when 3 friends realized, after looking for a place to share their thoughts on energy drinks, that a centralized location to consume caffeine content didn’t already exist. They set out on a mission to bridge the gap between companies and consumers, and enable caffeine fanatics to find their fix.


Focused on that mission, the 3 friends built an omnichannel platform revolving around caffeine ‒ for users everywhere to research, discuss, and engage via their preferred medium. Check out those channels below, and don’t forget to hit us up on our socials.

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Meet The Sharks


Jared Watson


Favorite energy drinks include Uptime Original Citrus, Monster Ultra Gold, C4 Black Cherry, and pretty much every Celsius.


Cameron Copeland


Favorite energy drinks include Reign Razzle Berry, Adrenaline Shoc Shoc Wave, and Amp Overdrive (Bring it Back!).

matt_caffeine shark.jpg

Matt Turner


Favorite drinks: Uptime Original Citrus Sugar Free, Rockstar Juiced Island-Mango, Reign Inferno Red Dragon.

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