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Full Throttle Blue Agave

Unique flavor and mouth feel with an average amount of caffeine. Superior to Full Throttle original, and definitely worth the try.

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Full Throttle Blue Agave is superior to the original Full Throttle overall. The taste is sweeter, yet still has a mild bitter aftertaste. The can is way cooler, despite the only difference being the background color. The kick is identical as they both have 160mg of caffeine (10mg/floz) along with the same mouth feel, but the Blue Agave just does more for me overall.


The biggest upside of Full Throttle Blue Agave over the original is the flavor. While the original is decent (7.1 taste) and very good for a citrus beverage, Blue Agave is much more interesting to the taste buds. The taste is nye indistinguishable as it is a combination of kiwi, acerola, and apple (I had to look this up. I am unsure if this is everything, but the only other reviews on its flavor said that these three were combined to create the taste). Agave can be used as a substitute for sweetener, so I assume that the additional distinct sweetness on top of the 55g of sugar is from that (although again, I do not know the exact formula for Full Throttle Blue Agave). Either way, it is delicious and I highly recommend trying it. The can is also freaking awesome as the Full Throttle logo is already cool, and then they placed it over my favorite shade of blue. Well done to whomever designed the logo for Full Throttle.


I cannot buy this in bulk. The one quality the original has over Blue Agave is that it is significantly more “redrinkable.” While delicious, Blue Agave is mildly cloying over time. I like sweet beverages, but this one seems to have a unique sweetener taste to it that not many other brands possess. The mouth feel can also be questionable at times, but this could be me being picky as I have had all of the Monster Ultras recently, which are north of 9/10 if I had to rate mouth feel alone.


Overall, Full Throttle Blue Agave is a solid beverage. It is unique in flavor and mouth feel, and I recommend it to anyone who has not tried the Full Throttle brand. While it may get tiresome over time, one or two here and there are delicious. 160mg of caffeine is not enough to hype you up like most “performance enhancing” beverages that can contain upwards of 300mg, but it is a respectable amount and should do the job just fine. If you want to try something delicious that is just a bit different than most of the common brands, I highly recommend Full Throttle Blue Agave.

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