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Monster Ultra Gold

Captures the intended pineapple flavor with perfection.

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I've been waiting for this drink to come to my area for what feels like forever! Ultra Gold along with Ultra Watermelon and Khaotic comprise the newest entrants to the one of the most robust energy drink lineups in the game. As a big fan of the Monster "Ultra" formula, it's not really a question of whether or not I'll like this drink. I will like it. The question will be how well Monster pulls off the pineapple flavor, a flavor that I think is underutilized at the moment.



On the can description, Monster compares the taste to "nectar of ambrosia", "fruit of the gods", and "biting into perfectly ripened golden pineapple". Impressively, these are all good descriptions. The above average carbonation is perfect, and the pineapple flavor hits immediately on the first sip. It captures the intended fruit flavor better than any energy drink I can remember, despite having zero sugar and no fruit juice.



Monster absolutely killed it with this can. Great starting point with the gold background, but with the added texture around the logo and abstract artistic design around the rest of the can, it all comes out to an elite appearance.



150mg of caffeine and zero sugar. I'll vouch for the Monster Ultra line in general for having a nice, moderate amount of caffeine and avoiding any negative side effects (in my experience).


Keep the Monster Ultra line coming, please! To me, this is an elite addition to the Monster lineup and energy drink world in general. I'll definitely be coming back for more before too long.

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