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Rockstar Juiced Island-Mango

It manages to be unique, both in design and taste

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Rockstar Juiced Island-Mango is an excellent drink. It manages to be unique, both in design and taste. Its tropical aesthetic feels more genuine with a juice flavor profile that tastes more like the actual fruit than artificial flavors. The flavor is complex with a mixture of sweet and tart. The complex flavor is contained in a striking can design that pleases the eye. Rockstar has a winning combination that everyone should try, especially on or near a beach.



Island-Mango has an intriguing flavor. It has the sweetness you'd expect for a tropical flavor, although there's a certain sharpness to it. The mango flavor is present, albeit not overwhelming. The drink has a juice flavor as opposed to the typical soda flavor found in most energy drinks. Notably, apple juice concentrate is the second listed ingredient, ahead of mango juice concentrate. Regardless of the ingredient breakdown, Rockstar has a winner here. It nails the tropical flavor in a different manner than most energy drinks.



I really like the look of this can. It's refreshingly different, in a sea of cans that are uniform across the product line. The white background contrasted with orange and silver metallic accents is striking. The label borders on being too busy, but provides a lot of stimulation for the eye. The exploding mango is a nice touch that really drives home the "Juiced" theme. In my humble opinion it's one of the best looking cans on the market.



Rockstar Juiced Island-Mango has 160mg of caffeine. The caffeine content is approximately equivalent to two cups of coffee.

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