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Bang MIXX Hard Seltzer Full Review

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Everybody knows about Bang Energy Drinks, but 2021 started off with a different kind of bang. Bang has officially extended into the realm of seltzers. I’ll be honest, I was very skeptical at first, but Bang came through big time.

I picked up a case, and was blown away by the taste. Bang clearly flavored these similarly to their energy drinks because they hardly even taste like seltzers. They were all abundantly sweet and refreshing with seemingly high levels of carbonation.

There are currently seven different flavors, but the variety pack most commonly distributed comes in sets with the selections Purple Kiddles, Frosé Rosé, Strawberry Blast, and Piña Colada.

So let’s review each of these four seltzers. The “kick” would be nearly identical for each flavor since we are dealing with alcohol content instead of caffeine, so I am just going to describe the taste as well as my overall enjoyment of each.

Purple Kiddles: 9.3

Despite having a highly questionable name, this is one of the best seltzers that I have ever had. It is abundantly sweet and tastes like purple skittles. Sounds disgusting, right? Well, it is so packed full of flavor that you temporarily forget that you are consuming alcohol. The mouthfeel of all Bang Seltzers resembles that of an overly carbonated energy drink, which almost gets you revved up by association. The overly sweet purple skittle description sounds downright gross in theory, but this is easily one of my new favorite seltzers of all time.

Frosé Rosé: 9.1

Almost as good as Purple Kiddles, Bang Seltzer Frosé Rosé tastes very similar to their energy drink. The odd thing is that I find the flavor of the seltzer superior to that of the energy drink. It tastes like a slightly less sweet Purple Kiddles with a grape and strawberry combination as opposed to just grape. You cannot really taste the alcohol with such a high level of carbonation and strong almost unrecognizable flavor, and would not be surprised if most people enjoyed this more than Purple Kiddles. It is among my favorite seltzers of all time as well due to its energy drink resemblance and strong flavor.

Strawberry Blast: 7.4

I’ll let you take a guess at what flavor this is. Strawberry is usually an incredible seltzer flavor, but this option falls short of the first two by a wide margin. For starters, the alcohol is very apparent. It almost tasted like someone took a weaker strawberry flavor and mixed it with a small amount of vodka. While it was still enjoyable, it was mildly disappointing given the quality of Purple Kiddles and Frosé Rosé.

Piña Colada: 5.3

This is the only one of the four that really falls short in my opinion. I enjoy Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain as much as the next, but this tastes like Bang was attempting to flavor their seltzer after an energy drink that was flavored after a Piña Colada. Does this make any sense? It really just tastes like an artificially created and overly sweetened Piña Colada. I generally prefer seltzers to many mixed drinks, but I would take an actual Piña Colada over this any day. The alcohol aftertaste is present, similarly to Strawberry Blast, and the artificial flavor is simply impossible to ignore. While I typically love excessively sweet beverages, this is just a bit too much for me.


The other flavors currently available are Mango Bango, Lemon Drop, and Key Lime Pie. Bang Mango Bango is one of my least favorite energy drinks, but I could see all three of these being very interesting seltzer flavors.

Overall, Bang Hard Seltzer pleasantly surprised. Their Purple Kiddles and Frosé Rosé flavors are absolutely incredible. If you enjoy sweet hard seltzers full of flavor or Bang energy drinks in general, you should not hesitate to check these out.

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