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New Belgium Fruit Smash Hard Seltzer Full Review

Photo courtesy of New Belgium.

Watching the Super Bowl with the boys and... trying new hard seltzers, am I right? Synergy.

Cameron bought this pack of New Belgium hard seltzers and I was ecstatic to try the new flavors out and review them for the people. New Belgium is a Colorado-based company known across the US for beers such as Voodoo Ranger and Fat Tire, and now they have their first foray into the hard seltzer game.

This variety pack has 4 flavors, pictured above. Berry Blast, Citrus Punch, Pink Lemonade, and Tropical Mango. Most of them were solid, but one was a major disappointment. Let's get into the reviews and find out which ones got the Caffeine Shark stamp of approval.

Pink Lemonade - 7.8

Surprisingly not very sweet, yet very refreshing. I can taste the real juice.

Tropical Mango - 8.0

Just like the pink lemonade for me, light but with a distinct mango flavor. Not too sweet.

Berry Blast - 7.5

This just doesn't have the same fruity juiciness that Pink Lemonade and Tropical Mango had. But it's still extremely refreshing.

Citrus Punch - 4.8

Definitely the worst flavor in the pack. I can't pick out citrus, or any specific fruity taste in general. It's basically a lime Le Croix with less taste. So if you're into that, more power to you. But it's not for me.


This was a really solid pack overall despite ending on supreme disappointment with Citrus Punch. Having fruit juice included can be a gimmick, but I think New Belgium did it right with the Fruit Smash pack. The fresh fruit taste is apparent, at least in 3 out of 4 flavors, and will definitely appeal to those who aren't into the super-sweet artificial flavor type of drink.

As an aside, after drinking this variety pack I was doing some research on New Belgium's website and it looks like they either stopped offering Citrus Punch or limited advertising of it online. I can see that they're now offering variety packs with just Pink Lemonade, Tropical Mango, Berry Blast. Smart move.

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