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Mom Water Variety Pack Full Review

Mom Squad by the water
The Mom Water variety pack flavors

You, yes you, the person reading this blog.

You're one of two minds right now. Either (1) you know what the Mom Squad from Mom Water is, and you're excited to read my review or (2) you're so confused about what the hell a Mom Water is and don't know what you got yourself into.

If you're person #1, welcome. We'll get to the meat and potatoes real soon.

If you're person #2, I was just like you a few weeks ago. The much maligned name Karen caught my name on the outside of the box as I was walking to the checkout at Trader Joe's, and I had to stop and see what the drinks were about.

Mom water is a new, fruit-infused vodka water with a twist. There are no bubbles.

From their website, there’s also no sugar, no carbs, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and each drink is only 90 calories. Co-creator Jill Morrison said that she "...was never a big seltzer fan or the bloating and headaches that followed after having a few, so she set out to create a light, non-carbonated alcoholic beverage."

Mom Water flavors next to each other
Moms looking delectable

There are 4 flavors in the 8-drink variety pack:

  • Becky: Coconut Mango

  • Karen: Lemon Blueberry

  • Julie: Passion Fruit

  • Linda: Blueberry Peach

I can't explain it, but I feel like the founders did a great job matching the names with the flavor. They just make sense.

Let's get into the review, shall we?


Becky (Coconut Mango) - 8.0/10

Note: Fellow blogger Tyler was with me while I was drinking these, so I gave him one and asked him to send me his thoughts. Enjoy.

Jared: I like light flavors so I’m a fan of this, but if you like strong and sweet you probably won’t dig it. The coconut comes through, but the mango is really a hint at most.

Tyler: I was drinking a mom and the first thought that came to my head is why did my friend hand me a pina colada that’s been sitting out in the sun for three hours? The same people who green lit this drink green lit a candle that smells like Gwyneth Paltrow's fanny. I don’t want this again. Please no.

Karen (Lemon Blueberry) - 8.1/10

Tight range here since they’re all so consistent. Light flavor again but slightly stronger than coconut and passion fruit. The blueberry comes in as the primary taste, with lemon coming in as an aftertaste.

Julie (Passion Fruit) - 7.8/10

The lack of carbonation surprises me every time, but then it always turns out better than expected. The level of flavor is slightly above Le Croix. It could be stronger, but I appreciate the subtle passion fruit taste. The fact that it’s so similar to non-carbonated water makes it extremely refreshing.

Linda (Blueberry Peach) - 9.4/10

Note: My girlfriend Rachel is a peach fanatic so she demanded one of the two Lindas in the variety pack. Her succinct review is included below.

Jared: Wow, Blueberry Peach is simply a tier above the other moms. The blueberry and peach are balanced and both come through extremely strongly compared to the "hint of" flavor that you get in the other drinks in the variety pack. Super refreshing and definitely a summer vibe.

Rachel: I love it, definitely the best one of the pack. 10/10.

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Natalie Palmlund
Natalie Palmlund
Jun 24

Ahh, no. Horrible, 1/10 is overrated. Like kook-aid without sugar, with backwash. Pretty can, but pretty bad.

Jared Watson
Jared Watson
Jun 24
Replying to

I get it - they’re not your typical seltzer. What’s your usual go-to?

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