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Michelob ULTRA Organic Hard Seltzer Coconut Water Variety Pack: Full Review

Welcome back to another Seltzer Shark hard seltzer review! It's been a while, so I hope you've missed me as much as I've missed you.

To set the scene for this variety pack, I was on vacation in Sarasota, FL, and my buddy Justin and I hit a Publix to pick some alc and get the trip started on the right note.

A couple things caught my eye with this pack: (1) the brand, Mich Ultra, which is definitely a top 3 seltzer for me (2) coconut water, which I don't love on its own, but in my experience is great when mixed with other beverages.

Two things is enough to get me excited, so I picked up this pack in preparation for going out the following night.

I had my friends Justin and Maddie try a few of the flavors, so you'll see their input and commentary in the full review below. Let's get into it.

Kiwi Lime - 6.9

Not the greatest intro to the pack. I generally don’t love lime seltzers, so I thought that the kiwi could take it to the next level for me - but it just made the drink acceptable to somewhat decent. The lime is strong but the kiwi cuts it nicely.

Justin - good not great, 7.1.

Maddie - kiwi hits first. Lime aftertaste. 6.5.

Berry Hibiscus - 9.1

This one is great. Strong berry flavor with a hint/aftertaste of hibiscus that finishes every flavor on a strong note.

Justin - flavor good, mouthfeel average, chuggability great. 7.6.

Blueberry Watermelon - 8.4

This is a really well balanced seltzer. Can’t taste the alcohol at all. As opposed to the first two drinks, I’d say this one is a more equal balance of the two flavors. Slightly favors blueberry.

Strawberry Guava - 8.1

I love both Strawberry and Guava so 8.1 is slightly underwhelming when you take my expectations into consideration, but it's still a delicious seltzer. Strawberry definitely reigns supreme, with a slight tropical aftertaste.

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