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Wild Basin Hard Seltzer: Original Mixpack + Berry Mixpack Full Review

Wild Basin has the most unique flavors you will find in any seltzer. They do not possess that artificial aftertaste common in many name-brand seltzers, making them a top tier and high quality beverage, masquerading as a cheap seltzer alternative.

Unfortunately, all this praise comes with a downside as well. The variety and uniqueness of the flavors may make this an elite brand, but no individual selection tops the charts in overall ranking. There are better options when having a seltzer as a one-off, but if you are looking for an array of unique flavors, Wild Basin really has no competition.

Blueberry Mango – 9.0

Blueberry Mango is the top rated of the bunch, but it is easy to see how some people may not like it as much. It is not packed with as much overall flavor as some of the other options, but it is unique, delicious, and refreshing. The blueberry overpowers the mango, while the mango dulls the blueberry leading to an interesting flavor that has no comparison. If you want a flavor that pops, then this will not be your first choice. If you want a unique blueberry beverage to casually enjoy, then this may just be your new favorite seltzer.

Strawberry Coconut – 8.5

Strawberry Coconut is a fan favorite, and has recently started selling as its own 12 pack. The hint of coconut gives Strawberry Coconut a surprisingly smooth mouthfeel, and is significantly sweeter than most of the other Wild Basin seltzers. It is more strawberry than coconut, but by no means resembles a pure strawberry soda. If you enjoy sweeter, smooth strawberry beverages, then this seltzer will be very appealing.

Yumberry – 7.8

Yumberry has an exciting flavor and a stronger mouthfeel, but something is missing. For how distinct the tart cranberry flavor presents itself, it still has a mildly underwhelming taste. It feels exciting when it first hits your mouth, then dies off a bit. 7.8/10 is still a solid rating, but it is pretty run of the mill for Wild Basin flavors.

Black Raspberry – 6.4

Black Raspberry seems exciting, but is overall disappointing with a mild and underwhelming flavor. While not quite bitter, the mouthfeel just is a little off due to the dull taste. It is not a bad flavor, but overall disappointing for a Wild Basin.

Melon Basil – 7.9

Melon Basil has an extremely earthy taste to it. It is overall enjoyable, but middle of the pack for Wild Basin. It is not sweet, but not bitter either with a crisp herby melon taste. It is not artificial tasting and almost feels like it is a higher quality than the rest, despite not being the best. I would not be surprised if this paired nicely with a charcuterie board, but would not be the first option when recommending to a friend.

Lemon Agave Hibiscus – 6.5

They hit this one on the nose with the name. It literally tastes like lemon, agave, and hibiscus combined into a can with nothing else. This could be refreshing to some, but the flavor was boring compared to the other Wild Basin options.

Cucumber Peach – 8.1

This is one of the worst smelling drinks out there, but boy is it refreshing. Everything with cucumber seems at least somewhat refreshing, while peach is a light and enjoyable flavor. I am not sure what the smell is from, but it is irrelevant when it comes to drink quality. It comes highly recommended for those who just want to kick back and relax.

Classic Lime – 6.0

Judging by the name, it is not difficult to see why this is the most boring flavor of the bunch. There really is nothing special about Classic Lime. It is very heavy on lime, and tastes like any other seltzer with a couple of lime slices added. When discussing the variety of Wild Basin as a brand, it is best to exclude this selection from that conversation.


While only one of the eight flavors reviewed is a 9.0 or higher, the ratings do not encapsulate why this brand is so delicious. The uniqueness of the seltzers along with none of the flavors having a poor rating is a rare combination.

These reviews do not include all of their flavors either. There are six that are not mentioned: Yuzu Pineapple, Tangerine Lime, Citrus Spritz, Fruity Sangria, Mango Mai Tai, and Habanero Piña Colada. These are not your everyday seltzers, so keep an eye out as Wild Basin continues to develop new flavors.

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