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Bud Light Seltzer Retro Summer Tie Dye Pack Full Review

When taking a trip to the beach, you want a light summery seltzer that gives you the right beach vibes. What better summer-time seltzer pack is there than the Bud Light Retro Summer Edition?

Drinking these seltzers out in the sun with your feet in the sand, or between volleyball games as us Sharks would have it, just feels right. All flavors are sweet and light enough to be enjoyable until the case runs dry. That said, not all flavors are created equal.

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Cherry Limeade

Jared - 8.6

Take it with a grain of salt since I'm a documented cherry limeade lover, but this flavor is a confirmed banger. It's sweeter than Blue Raspberry but still reasonable. Great summer taste.

Cameron - 8.3

The Bud Light Seltzer edition is just above average for cherry limeade, which is overall an enjoyable and refreshing flavor. While not my favorite, you really cannot go wrong relaxing on the beach with an ice cold cherry limeade seltzer in hand.

Blue Raspberry

Jared - 7.5

Tastes as advertised. Blue raspberry comes through fairly strong. Light, refreshing, and I can't taste the alcohol at all. Just the right amount of sweetness.

Cameron -8.4

Blue raspberry is a wonderful flavor. This edition is moderately sweet and underwhelming for a blue raspberry, but it is still rated an 8.4 as one of my favorite overall flavors.

Summer Ice

Jared - 7.7

Kinda sweet, kinda cherry, definitely a good seltzer. It's not elite, but I can confirm that I'm thoroughly enjoying this while enjoying the Ocean City beach view.

Cameron - 7.9

Cherry seltzers are generally delicious, but this one falls slightly short of the other two. While there is really no inherent downside to this beverage, it has no distinct feature that makes it stand out from any other cherry seltzer.

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