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Bang Birthday Cake Bash: Revisiting the Most Controversial Energy Drink

It's time to revisit the quintessential fan favorite, Bang's Birthday Cake Bash. Of course I'm throwing "fan favorite" around extremely loosely here, as the drink is one of the lowest rated drinks on the site. As a reminder, here's how the drink was rated by our in-house experts:

"It’s going to physically hurt me when I have to pour this out, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do after writing this review. Not ridiculously sweet, but you better love birthday cake if you’re going to drink this."

"If the name "Birthday Cake Bash" wasn't over the top enough for you, wait until you try it"

"The single worst energy drink out there. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Go get yourself literally anything else."

Clearly, not the pinnacle of energy drinks according to Caffeine Shark. That being said, I decided to get some other opinions as I suspect that the flavor is extremely divisive. Nobody can argue that the flavor lacks accuracy, rather it's a question of whether birthday cake belongs in a transparent energy drink.

Other Opinions:

I contacted some friends of the site to try the drink and give me their reaction.

Daniel Fathalikhani - 7.6/10
  • "Tastes like I'm a 12 year old kid and my birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese is winding down"

  • "Most of that score comes from how impressed I was at the accuracy"

Bobby Locke - 3.2/10
  • "I immediately got flashbacks to the Reign Creamsicle flavor. We now have the technology to put these flavors into a carbonated beverage, which is pretty amazing. But is it good?... Maybe I am missing something but there is something wrong about textureless cake/frosting... It was so close to cake frosting that I couldn't believe it... I think I would prefer the frosting vape cloud of a pre-teen over the drink"

  • "As far as accuracy goes it gets a 9.7/10. Taste is a 4.2/10. Drinkability is a 1/10."

Not a good start for Birthday Cake Bash. I hopped over to Reddit to see if the general public had similar sentiments:

Some positives:

u/cortr2000 - "This is one of my favorite bang flavors and I’m usually against cake flavored ice cream and stuff like that."

u/autophobia - "Yall tripping this is the best one"

Some in the middle:

u/MrTheJackThePerson - "This is weird, I've never had it but the 2 people irl that I know have tried it are split on it. Now we're split on here too lol"

Plenty of negatives:

u/jalop - "Tastes like a buttered popcorn jelly belly. Pretty gross as a drink tbh"

u/Jowee - "One of the worst things I've ever tasted, and usually like birthday cake flavored things"

u/Pat07844 - "Warm Greek Yogurt and Chemicals sums up the taste for me."

u/JFreeman1123 - "I didn’t love this BECAUSE they perfectly captured the flavor. Like it legitimately tastes so much like a birthday cake that I feel weird having it as a carbonated beverage. The taste feels like it would be a lot better as a thick milkshake or something. It’s not bad, just very weird to have as a carbonated beverage"


It appears that the court of public opinion disapproves of Birthday Cake Bash. That being said, there will always be some that enjoy or maybe even love the drink. The real question is, can we trust those liquid cake lovers?

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