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BANG Birthday Cake Bash

The single worst energy drink out there. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Go get yourself literally anything else.

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Ladies and gentlemen, let me begin by telling you how much I love cake. It is a problem, and I will eat entire cakes if they are left out. If I could start another company called CakeShark, I would strongly consider it. Unfortunately, Bang Cake Bash is an abomination. Due to the novelty, I was ready to give it a 3/10 after the first sip. I lowered it to a 2/10 after having a few more sips. By the time I was halfway done, I was feeling sick to my stomach. Every time it hit my tongue, I wanted to vomit. I had to pour the rest of it down the drain (after making my brother try a sip and him nearly spitting it out on me). This is the single worst energy drink I have ever had.


There is nothing redeeming about the taste of this beverage. It may get novelty points for some people, but I genuinely do not see how anyone could enjoy this beverage. There are 300mg of caffeine per can (18.75mg/floz), so you are in luck if you want a lot of caffeine in your carbonated liquid cake beverage.


It tastes like liquid cake. I honestly went into this with an open mind. Jared (shark) said that there was a 100% chance that I enjoy this with my love for cake. He lied to me. It is abhorrent, and I will never have one again.


If you have an option of what to drink, choose literally anything else. This is the worst energy drink I have ever consumed in my life. I had to pour half of it down the drain. Do yourself a favor, and go get something else.

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