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The Newest Celebrity on the Energy Drink Train: Ric "Nature Boy" Flair

Ric Flair
The man, the myth

There are some things in this world that are just inevitable. Some day the sun is going to go supernova and take us all out. Pete Davidson is going to continue to date the hottest women in Hollywood. Skip Bayless will continue to ride the Dallas Cowboys like a roller coaster ride.

One of these outcomes just recently hit the news; a WWE wrestler from the cocaine fueled fever dream that was the 1980s has decided to release an energy drink.

This drink is none other WOOOOO! energy drink by the absolutely prolific man Ric "Nature Boy" Flair.

You read that correctly. The name of this drink is just "Wooooo!" complete with five Os and the exclamation point at the end. You have to give it to Ric Flair, his blind leap of faith that anyone under the age of 40 will recognize his brand is bold. Like, the dude is literally 74 years old. Sure he may be younger than Biden and Trump, but that does not mean he should be anywhere near an energy drink. You have to imagine a guy who did so much cocaine in his youth has to be one sniff of coffee away from his heart going full Oppenheimer.

Another key takeaway I had with this energy drink was how odd the purchase process was for me. It was absolutely nowhere on Amazon so I had to order it off of Shopify, with a UPS tracking number sent to my phone.

And when the package showed up, was it in a nice box with the cans neatly organized? Of course not.

It showed up in a larger than necessary cardboard box, duct taped shut, with the cans just scattered inside like Flair himself just spiked each can into the box like a volleyball with a personalized "WOO" for every single order.

Now lets get into the actual description of the drink. It was described as a sparkling mushroom elixir. As I went to take my first sip of the strawberry banana flavor I paused right before it hit my lips as the term Sparkling mushroom elixir registered in my brain. Sure, the odds that Ric Flair would intentionally lead an unsuspecting public into drinking a psychedelic was small. However, it is not zero.

Chances are low but never zero

Since I did not budget a psilocybin trip into my weekend I deemed it only responsible to do a little bit more research. After a couple of google searches I found out that this drink is not in fact intended to make you trip. In fact, I was able to do some eye-opening research into what the health effects are of non-psychedelic mushrooms. I give it three weeks before I am kicked off of Caffeine Shark for trying to convince everyone else on the team how beneficial and rewarding foraging is.


So the three drink flavors we got in this variety pack are:

  1. Strawberry Banana

  2. Dragon Fruit

  3. Lemon

Wooooo! Energy Drink flavors
Variety pack

My Review:

Honestly, don't judge a book by its cover. This is a good energy drink. The consistency was definitely off the beaten path as they sacrificed some carbonation to get a little more fruitiness, but it works out in a refreshing manner. I can't say it stands up to the ease of flavor that some of the powerhouses like Celsius and Alani Nu have, but it definitely has a unique profile.

Rating = 7.3/10

And since we embrace healthy debate at Caffeine Shark I'd like to offer this contrasting opinion from Jared, who tried the Lemon flavor of Woooo!:

"WOOOOO is trying to do way too much here. Mushrooms, caffeine, Himalayan pink salts and Ric Flair??? I feel like I'm a caffeinated man confused at IKEA right now. The lemon flavor comes through pretty strong and there's a funky aftertaste I associate with the salt, but could also be the mushrooms, I like how ambitious the drink is, but I don't think I would seek this flavor out again" - Jared Watson (Rating = 6.4/10)
Rating: 6.4/10

Will Ric Flairs newest passion project ever hit the shelves of a convenience store near you? Probably not. While I enjoyed this drink this feels more like a passion project equivalent to when Elon Musk built a flamethrower. In that we all know it's a bad idea but goddammit it's entertaining and I'm here for it.

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