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Prime Energy, the Paul Brothers, and UFC: A Deeper Look


Every once in a while you come across a story that makes you question what piece of information you're not being told. Whether it's the Epstein suicide, UFOs over Alaska, or the Sod that was used at the Super Bowl. The tendency of humans to look for conspiracies in every day news in instinctual. Therefore when I saw that Prime Energy drink, a brand that is owned by KSI and Jake Paul, is now the official energy drink of the UFC, I jumped head first into the rabbit hole.

Jake Paul fighting

Remember when the Paul brothers said that they were getting into professional fighting and everyone just laughed it off? In hindsight it kinda compares to when Donny Trump said he was running for president and no one took him seriously. Now here we are and the world is JUST now breathing a sigh of relief as Jake Paul was handed his first loss. How long was this loss given to him after Prime Energy was announced as the official drink of the UFC? A MONTH! Nobody can look me in the eye and tell me something ain't up with that timing.

What has the public image been of the Paul brothers from the world of professional fighting? Pure IRE. Logan Paul has pulled such stunts as trolling Dana White viciously on every damn platform he can find, Snatching Floyd Mayweather's hat off his head, and showing up to his opponents houses and throwing water bottles at them (forget the name but it was the chubby middle aged retired guy who I think is a gym teacher or some shit now). And for the longest time everyone with a sheep brain who saw this content got understandably annoyed and hoped to see him get his head caved in.

But the thing is, everyone was shamelessly indulging in this. I like to call it the "Kardashian effect" where someone who is virtually talent-less captivates people's attention just by doing the most materialistic crap and whatever it takes for the click. Do we blame the people creating this drivel or do we have to look inwards as a collective at why this ridiculous crap is the pinnacle of entertainment nowadays?

... Sorry, I blacked out there for a second.

The point is that no matter what you think of the Paul brother's antics with the world of fighting, they have succeeded in getting people to tune in.

Now here's another important event that has taken place in the last few months I would like everyone to remember, UFC has recently had a merger with *wait for it* WWE!

Your honor I would like to enter into evidence the historic record of the Jerry Lawler vs Andy Kaufman Feud.

Jerry Lawler and Andy Koffman

For those of you who are uneducated and uncultured, Andy Kauffman is the notorious comedian from the late 70's got into a very public feud with professional wrestler Jerry Lawler. This feud got to its climax when the two appeared on David Lettermen. On this episode, Kauffman got particularly aggressive verbally towards Lawler to the point where Lawler got up and punched him on live TV.

You know what was revealed months later, Kauffman and Lawler were friends! That's right they had fabricated an entire feud just to get attention to wrestling and had everyone who was tuning into believing it.

So what is my conclusion here? Well we have two brothers notorious for acting like idiots joining into a sport where their energy drink has become the official face all the while they are making public feuds with everyone involved in the sport AND said sport has just had a merger with WWE a sport with a history of blurring the line between reality and fiction since it's inception.

Are the Paul brothers simply in the UFC to promote their own energy drink? Is the world of professional fighting and wrestling simply fucking with everyone, tricking them into hating the Paul brothers so more people will tune in? Are Jake Paul, Vince McMahon and Dana White secretly in a throuple?

I am well aware that as far as the conspiracies go the stakes of this one being true are absolutely bare minimum. Doesn't change the fact that I don't think this is an integrity move. While I can say on the outside I despise everything the Paul brothers stand for, no one can deny that they know what they're doing and have good strategies to always stay relevant; like a car wreck you just can't look away from.

Here's a royalty free picture of Logan Paul (parody law)


To close this blog out I was drinking a Prime while writing this. My official Score: 6.7.

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