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New Celsius Sparkling Lemon Lime in Stores Now

Lemon Lime joins a Celsius lineup with Caffeine Shark favorites including Fuji Apple Pear, Orange, Grape Rush, Frozen Berry, and Watermelon. The brand new beverage is now available in stores nationwide as well as online on Amazon.

Right now the Sparkling Lemon Lime has a 79 overall, otherwise known as Enjoyable, but you can go to the drink page on our site and post your own review to affect the score once you've had it!

Here are excerpts from our reviews, which can also be found by navigating to the drink's page.

Jared - 7.5/10
Classic lemon lime flavor with more of a Mellow Yellow taste rather than Sprite.
Simple lemon lime flavor. Not very similar to sprite, actually. It’s really sweet in more of a Mellow Yellow type of way. If you like lemon lime flavored things then this is up your alley since it’s pretty inoffensive.

Matt - 8.3/10
The balance of sweet and tart is compelling.
Sparkling Lemon Lime is sweeter than the average Celsius drink, though it isn’t as sweet as some of the brands that align closest to sodas fresh from the fountain. The Celsius traditional flavor is intact, and I thought the additional sweetness was balanced well by some tartness.

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