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Tired of Mainstream Energy Drinks?

Sometimes you just want something different. Maybe you have the same Monster or Red Bull every day and want a new fix. Other times, you may try a new energy drink that tastes so bad that it completely turns you off of energy drinks for a few days. That’s the boat I was in recently after having one too many consecutive Rockstar Fruit Punches.

But it’s time to cleanse that pallet and try something different. Whether it is a simply unique flavor or just hits different than other energy drinks, these options are guaranteed to change the way you view energy drinks.

C4 Twisted Limeade

This is easily one of the best pallet cleansers. Limeade is always a solid flavor, but the purpose here is to get away from the norm. The higher amounts of lime in this C4 are more refreshing than most other energy drinks. The lime almost tastes natural, even more so when chilled. With no sugar, this edition manages to be sweet without the artificial aftertaste.

For my Mtn Dew lovers out there, this has a resemblance of Diet Dew, but those who do not enjoy Mtn Dew as much (such as myself) still find this enjoyable. Not only is it a unique pallet cleanser, but it’s also just a fabulous energy drink. With a 91 Shark Score, it earns itself an elite grade regardless.

If you are tired of the same old thing every day, or your taste buds just had something terrible like Bang Birthday Cake Bash that you feel may have turned you off of energy drinks for the foreseeable future, grab yourself a C4 Twisted Limeade. The refreshing, gentle lime flavor will re-excite your taste buds, and you may just find yourself a new go-to.

Alani Nu Cosmic Stardust

What even is Alani Nu Cosmic Stardust? If you are looking for something unique, then you are in the right place. This is a rare instance where a candy-esc flavor actually is satisfying and not cloying. The purple skittle resemblance for the strong grape flavor is even more enjoyable when you haven’t had anything similar in a while. It’s exciting and something different from the same old same old.

Grape flavors are excellent, but this one is just different. It doesn’t have the sugary aftertaste of grape Nos and Kickstart, the fake aftertaste of Rockstar and Rip It, and tastes more unique than the Monster Ultra and Bang. It is one of a kind, and a great change of pace.

Adrenaline Shoc Acai Berry

This is simply the highest rated beverage on CaffeineShark. It is the perfect combination of sweet and bitter with high carbonation and an incredible flavor. It is not overpowering, such as many other unique beverages, and is just enjoyable through and through.

Sometimes you do not need something completely different to get excited for energy drinks again. Sometimes all you need is the best there is, and you will absolutely not regret it. With 300mg of caffeine and a taste that everyone can enjoy, Adrenaline Shoc Acai Berry is the perfect beverage to get you out of your funk.

When you are looking for something new or to cleanse your pallet, you are not limited to just one avenue. These three beverages are absolutely nothing alike, but will all do the trick for your situation. Whether the beverage is unbelievably refreshing, unique and exciting, or simply the best of the best, you are going to have a new experience and perhaps even find a new favorite.

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