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Best Energy Drink Variety Packs on Amazon

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Looking for the best energy drink variety packs on Amazon started as a personal journey, but it's something that I feel like needs to be shared with the masses.

Some of us energy drink consumers of culture, which you are by default since you're browsing this site, get tired with having 8 or 12 of the same beverage in a row, no matter how re-drinkable it is. Ok, maybe Monster Zero Ultra is the exception, but still.

I couldn't decide on one, definitive way to judge the "best" energy drink variety pack on everyone's favorite trillion dollar online retailer, so I decided to split this up by the categories that made the most sense to me; Best Value, Best Taste, Best Kick, and Best Variety. Let me know if you've got a better variety pack on Twitter @CSharkOfficial.

Best Value

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Rockstar is a polarizing brand, especially after their recent look & feel re-branding and taste change. But there's no denying that this variety pack is a steal, currently priced at $19.99/12, or $1.67/can. The 4 flavors included in the variety pack are Original, Whipped Strawberry, Fruit Punch, and Lemonade.

Rockstar lovers will appreciate this variety pack as a sampler of some of their best flavors, while those who haven't tried Rockstar have a low cost, high reward opportunity to try the best of what Rockstar has to offer. For the Rockstar haters, go ahead and skip ahead to the next sections - I'm sure we've got something you do like.

Best Taste

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I couldn't have drawn up this variety pack any better if I tried. Monster's Ultra, i.e. sugar-free lineup, is widely known as a Caffeine Shark expert and fan favorite. One of the pioneers of the sugar-free energy drink craze, Monster has continued to add to their hit lineup with flavors such as Ultra Watermelon (included in this pack) and Ultra Gold (not included).

Also not included is the cherry-flavored Ultra Black, which in my opinion you're not missing out on. I do wish it had the new, pineapple-flavored Ultra Gold, but you can go ahead and pick that up on your own as it's just being rolled out to stores in the US.

With 9 flavors included in this sampler, you definitely won't get bored, and I can almost guarantee you won't be disappointed with the taste.

Best Kick

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C4 is a recent addition to my favorite brands, with pretty much every one I've had a certified banger (see my Twisted Limeade review here). With two variety pack options and extremely reasonable pricing at less than $2/can, you really can't go wrong.

Variety Pack #1 has Peach Mango Nectar, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Frozen Bombsicle, and Electric Sour. Sounds pretty good, right? Variety Pack #2 swaps out Strawberry Watermelon Ice and Electric Sour for Orange Slice and Freedom Ice.

The main reason these variety packs are my choice for Best Kick is because C4 has a great medium-high level of caffeine at 200mg that, speaking from personal experience, always gets me jacked up. Whether you're studying for a test (Superbrain) or pregaming a workout (Superhuman) you'll find the answer in these excellent sample packs.

Best Variety

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Last but not least is a verified Caffeine Shark favorite and one of the hottest up-and-coming energy drink brands in the game. I personally ordered this variety pack about a year ago and it officially got me hooked on CELSIUS.

With 12 different flavors available in a 12-pack for $23.99, including flavors like Sparkling Grape Rush, Sparkling Orange, Sparkling Cola, and Raspberry Acai Green tea, you're bound to have a good time. Keep in mind that CELSIUS does mix it up in their variety packs, so it's seemingly random what drinks you do get, i.e. you're liable to get 2 of a specific flavor and 0 of another.

Let me know which pack(s) you decide to get and if you find something you wouldn't have tried otherwise!

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