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UPTIME Original Citrus Sugar Free

Uptime is unlike anything else I've had thus far

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Uptime Original Citrus stands out in every category, both in quality and uniqueness. It is honestly one of my favorite drinks and worth a try for everyone.



Uptime Original Citrus Sugar Free tastes like soda from the fountain that just got reloaded with syrup. It's that good. Honestly, it tastes similar to Sprite, which is a good thing in my opinion. The one condition is that Uptime must be consumed when cold. Similarly to beer, it hits differently when cold. The colder the better.



I love the Uptime packaging. It has a unique feel, look, and shape. The bottle feels cool to the touch when refrigerated like a premium beer can. There is one drawback however, the skinny bottle does not fit in most cupholders so they make sure the top is screwed on tight when driving around. The label could use a little more color or dynamics to it, and I've noticed that they have updated the look of the bottles to add a small graphic of a lemon and a lime on the back.



In another parallel to soda, Uptime Original Citrus is quite carbonated and has a strong feeling on your tongue. Additionally, I have noticed a distinct spike in energy and a certain indescribable feeling with this drink, which is uncommon for me. Uptime is unlike anything else I've had thus far.

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