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UPTIME Original Citrus Cane Sugar

the unique combination of taste and packaging creates a compelling package that has few direct competitors

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Uptime Original Citrus Cane Sugar is the fountain soda of energy drinks. It improves an already delicious lemon-lime flavored drink with the addition of cane sugar. Obviously that comes with a price, 39g of sugar compared to its sugar free sibling. Personally I would choose the sugar free version the majority of the time to avoid all the sugar (ignoring an artificial sweeteners debate here). That being said, the flavor with cane sugar is so good that it is worth the splurge on occasion. In summary, the unique combination of taste and packaging creates a compelling package that has few direct competitors.



I know I said that Uptime Original Citrus Sugar Free tastes like soda from the fountain that just got reloaded with syrup. Well if that's true then Original Citrus Cane Sugar is the McDonald's Sprite right after the syrup has been refilled. It's delicious in a similar way to Mountain Dew's Baja Blast. Similarly to other Uptime drinks, Original Citrus Cane Sugar must still be consumed when cold. It is dramatically better when cold, sometimes even the fridge isn't enough to get it to the right temperature. Sometimes a quick trip to the freezer will do the trick. A minor inconvenience for a delicious beverage.



If you've read my review of Original Citrus Sugar Free, you'll find that almost all of what I said applies to this drink. Uptime distinguishes its sugar free and cane sugar bottles by changing the background from white to black, respectively. The skinny, aluminum that feels unique and premium is retained. Naturally the primary drawback, being too slim for most cupholders, still applies. Changing the background to black also doesn't make the bottle any less minimalist in appearance. I know those sound like a lot of gripes, but they are all minor at worst. Original Citrus Cane Sugar is wearing the same classy suit as its sugar free sibling, albeit in a different color.



The beverage has 142mg of "natural" caffeine. Personally I found it to provide a sufficient amount of energy. Most energy drinks don't need to have 300mg of caffeine despite the market trending that way. I was able to enjoy the drink and gain energy and focus without feeling jittery or anxious. The carbonation is slightly less potent than in the sugar free version due to the sweetness of the drink and therefore does provide as much initial bite.

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