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Reign Inferno Red Dragon

Killer packaging and a delicious flavor to back it up? Yep.

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Killer packaging and a delicious flavor to back it up? Yep. Reign Inferno Red Dragon is a really good drink. I'm not really sure what I was expecting with a complicated flavor name and borderline excessive marketing, but the taste speaks for itself. Personally, 300mg of caffeine in a can is a lot for me. That will probably hold me back from drinking Inferno Red Dragon on a regular basis, but will a flavor that good I won't be able to stay away too often.



This Reign is very good. The Inferno Red Dragon name is likely the work of the marketing team, it really should be called fruit punch on steroids. It tastes eerily similar to fruit punch, albeit less sweet. That's honestly what makes it taste so good, it has all the best qualities of fruit punch without being overly sweet. It blends Reign's formula with fruit punch flavoring and creates a winner. I also must add that the flavor is consistently good, from the initial sip to the aftertaste. The only element missing is slightly more carbonation to pair with the taste.



I have proclaimed my love for red and black in a prior review, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I really like the appearance of this can. In addition to the red and black color scheme, it has graphite colored asphalt background. It looks like the pavement is being split by the drink, which is silly, yet cool.



As with all Reigns that I have encountered, this drink packs a 300mg of caffeine punch. Definitely do not drink all of this at once if you are a rookie. The "Thermogenic Fuel" tagline is an attention grabber but I can't speak to any effects. Regardless of any marketing angles, the Inferno Red Dragon will wake you up.

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