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Red Bull Summer Edition Watermelon

It is a departure from the original Red Bull both in flavor and appearance, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing

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Red Bull Watermelon is an interesting drink. It is a departure from the original Red Bull both in flavor and appearance, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The beverage doesn't do anything exceptionally well, it's pretty middling in my opinion. I see it as an occasional change of pace. The "refreshing" or "summer" angle is a new one as far as energy drinks go, and I'm interested to see how Red Bull Watermelon stacks up against other competitors this tiny segment of the energy drink market.



Watermelon. This is no hint of watermelon, this is a pure watermelon flavor. It almost doesn't even taste like Red Bull, except for the occasional reminder that the underlying flavor is quite strong. I'd estimate it at 70% watermelon flavoring, 30% classic Red Bull strength. It's not a bad combination, but I'd really recommend that those averse to watermelon stay away. It is displayed as "The Summer Edition" on the can. I have to agree that this is best suited for the summer and is relatively refreshing as far as Red Bull goes, but make no mistake Red Bulls aren't refreshing.



A modern twist on the classic red bull can. I have to laugh because the can makes it very clear that it is watermelon flavored. Some marketing executive must have demanded that the designers make it obvious. The particular shade of red isn't my favorite but I like that it's the whole background with a chrome version of the classic Red Bull logo. I learned that the bulls in the logo are technically guars and not bulls but you learn something new every day. Overall, I like the design scheme. The colors don't quite pop as much on the label as much as I would like but it has a nice satin feeling to the touch.



Red Bull Watermelon has 114mg of caffeine in its 12oz can. It has an amount and size that makes me wonder if Red Bull is hoping that you'll buy and drink two. Nonetheless, it does an admirable job of getting you going. It doesn't have much as far as carbonation goes but the strong syrupy flavor makes an impact.

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