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Red Bull Pear Edition Crisp Pear Sugar Free

Red Bull Crisp Pear is an excellent change of pace option

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This is an excellent entry from Red Bull. It will certainly not have the mass appeal that the classic Red Bull flavors have, but it delivers a quality alternative flavor. The flavor strays from the original formula, unlike some options in the Red Bull lineup. It also comes in an attractive package. The caffeine content may be slightly below the expectations of some, but experienced Red Bull drinkers will find it familiar. All around, Red Bull Crisp Pear is an excellent change of pace option.



This is not a Red Bull flavor with hints of pear. It is a straight up pear flavor. Thankfully it avoids being excessively pear flavored, although it approaches the limit. I highly recommend this for those who like pears, especially in an artificial flavor context. The "crisp" portion of the flavor name rings true, as the taste has a bit of sharpness to it. I sense that this Red Bull flavor won't appeal to all, however, I think it will be a hit for those that are so inclined.



The can has the classic Red Bull elements, mixed with a nice shade of green to remind you of the pear flavor. There are a lot of chrome elements which offset the green nicely. It's a good looking can, although nothing groundbreaking.



Red Bull Crisp Pear has 114mg of caffeine in its 12 FL OZ. iteration. The 12 FL OZ cans are the taller cans that Red Bull sells. That is slightly more than 1 standard cup of coffee. It is on the lower end for energy drinks but is consistent with Red Bull's usual approach.

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