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Red Bull Coconut Edition Coconut Berry

Red Bull The Coconut Edition is a bit of a mixed bag

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Red Bull The Coconut Edition is a bit of a mixed bag. There is tasty flavor in a nice package, yet it doesn't hold up. The sweet flavor quickly becomes syrupy and artificial. Additionally, 38 grams of sugar in a 12 ounce can is a lot in my opinion. This Red Bull is not a bad product by any means, however it is lacking qualities that would tempt me to drink it more than on a rare occasion.



The coconut and berry flavors approximately balance each other. If I had to choose, I'd give a slight edge to coconut. The coconut flavor is good but seems artificially strong. It reminds me of Malibu without the alcoholic burn. The berry flavor is nearly identical to what is found in another Red Bull drink, Arctic Berry. The combination of flavors is satisfying, with caveats. The drink falls short in a manner consistent with other Red Bull products. It is excessively sweet and has syrupy qualities. The sweetness and stickiness prevents the drink from being refreshing or smooth. It still tastes good, however it is a drink i would choose to consume often.



Red Bull did a good job with this can design. The white background and chrome bull create a clean and sharp design. It's minimal without being boring. The blue text color accents the whole package well. Thumbs up from me.



Red Bull The Coconut Edition has 114mg of caffeine in its 12oz can. That is more than one cup of coffee.

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