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Quake Orange Fusion

Quake Orange Fusion is the dessert wine of energy drinks

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Quake Orange Fusion is the dessert wine of energy drinks. It's tasty but is limited in the range of scenarios in which you can drink it. Positively, it avoids the classic mistake of being too sweet. The drink has its ups and downs, but probably is best as a change of pace when you're tired of your go-to choices.



Orange creamsicle. I know that it's technically called "Orange Fusion" but orange creamsicle is the most appropriate. It's not as good as an orange creamsicle made out of ice cream but it's tasty. It's kind of an odd flavor for an energy drink and I can't honestly say that I would want it all the time. It feels like a dessert but at least it isn't too sweet. I'm in the middle on this one.



Quake always seems to get the color scheme right. I haven't been disappointed yet, and I've had a few. Quake cans are almost identical aside from the flavor respective color scheme changes, so the usual complaint(s) apply. An interesting note is that all Quake drinks I have tried are a clear liquid regardless of flavor. Personally I find it a bit odd, but it also would be naive to say that most drinks are heavily loaded with artificial food coloring. The packaging evokes a soda or seltzer flavor and not really an energy drink. If you prefer a relatively lowkey appearance, this could be the drink for you.



Not a strong kick. Similar to other Quakes, the Orange Fusion lacks much carbonation and any sort of initial bite. The 250mg of caffeine will catch up to you eventually, but don't expect to feel much in the interim. I relate it to drinking a slightly flat soda. It's smooth, but too smooth for me.

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