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Monster Zero Ultra

Monster Zero Ultra really is the gold standard

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Monster Zero Ultra really is the gold standard. It's an energy drink that has all of the key qualities right, and consistently delivers. It is highly redrinkable and as such has become a frequent choice of mine off of the shelves. It is definitely one of the few energy drinks I would immediately recommend to those just getting into energy drinks. It's just a plain winner and a must try.



Zero Ultra has no sugar, as the name implies. Despite that, it's a fairly sweet drink. It's not overly sweet but it's up there on the scale. If you have had other flavors in Monster's zero sugar line, Zero Ultra really does feel like the default in a way. It has this indescribable, delicious flavor that you can tell is present in the other flavors. It's as if they start with Zero Ultra and add a slight splash of syrup to create whatever zero sugar flavor is desired. It may sound like a criticism, but it's really not. It's basically the "pure" Monster and I love it for that. I really think it has a straightforward taste that makes it a staple of the energy drink world. I wouldn't say it's the the most delicious drink of all time but it is extremely good and extremely redrinkable. It's the gold standard.



Monster Zero Ultra immediately reminds me of white-on-white jersey renderings that I've seen. We easily could've easily seen a frosty or icy themed flavor name. It looks fresh. Not to mention that it has the classic grippy texture that Monster zero sugar drinks typically have. I really don't have much else to say other than it's a sharp looking can.



Zero Ultra has 140mg of caffeine in its 16oz can. While certainly not the strongest, it is a good amount for me in one can and has proven to pack a punch. It also has a decently high amount of carbonation that provides some enjoyable bite right off the get go. Not the most powerful but substantial.

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