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Monster Ultra Paradise

Monster Ultra Paradise may not be true paradise, but it is not too far off as far as energy drinks go

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Monster Ultra Paradise may not be true paradise, but it is not too far off as far as energy drinks go. It stands out in the consistent Monster zero sugar line of drinks for its strong initial flavor and kick. I wouldn't predict Ultra Paradise to be the most popular out of Monster's portfolio, but it is an excellent change of pace. On a similar note, the Monster zero sugar line of energy drinks has proven to be consistently good thus far, but it is refreshing to see one of the drinks stand out.



What does paradise taste like? According to Monster, it's comprised of "crisp, invigorating island flavors." I wouldn't go that far but Ultra Paradise is fairly tasty. The flavor tastes like a sour apple to me. It's not extremely sour, but still reminiscent of a green Jolly Rancher. To me it is one of those energy drinks that is quite sweet tasting and delicious but as such is not one I would drink repeatedly or often. The flavor itself comes on strongly and fades slowly. Ultra Paradise is a great change of pace drink, but may not be desirable as a consistent choice for everyone.



The strikingly bright green can grabs your attention. It is green with black accents all the way around, including the top of the can as is traditional for the Monster zero sugar line of drinks. The ornate background detailing the sun, mountains, and shore overlooking the water reinforces the Ultra Paradise theme. Another typical element of the Monster zero sugar line is the paragraph on the side of the label detailing the flavor aesthetic. You could definitely make a case for it being on the cheesy side, however, I personally like it. It communicates what Monster wants you to taste and experience. Although exaggerated, it is interesting to see how Monster describes its own flavors. Another strong looking entry in the Monster zero sugar line.



See my comments on the taste for more details about how the flavor comes on strong. The strong flavor combines with moderate carbonation to provide a moderately intense initial kick. Subsequently, the typical Monster energy boost comes in to wake you up. The resulting kick is stimulating from the initial sip all the way through the caffeine wearing off.

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