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Monster Ultra Fiesta

While strong in many areas, this may be the Joe Flacco of energy drinks

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Ultra Fiesta is another delicious flavor in Monster's zero sugar line of energy drinks. It is the whole package, with an appealing can design backed by a delicious flavor. While strong in many areas, this may be the Joe Flacco of energy drinks. As such, the drink is good, quite good but does not have any special qualities that makes it truly "elite."



Monster itself describes the flavor on the can as 'blending juicy mango flavor into the Ultra we love....' I cannot tell you what Ultra tastes like per se, however I will have to agree with Monster on the mango flavor. It isn't strongly mango as some of the Monster Juice line of flavors, but the connection is evident. Ultra Fiesta could honestly fit in the Juice line of drinks. It's that sweet despite the lack of sugar in the can. Overall it's not my favorite Monster but it's still a strong entry. Thus far I have not come across a drink in the Monster Zero Energy line that has disappointed me.



Ultra Fiesta follows the familiar formula for Monster's line of zero sugar energy drinks. Despite the bright sea green color, the can is slightly toned down when compared to its sibling flavors. This can primarily be attributed to the plain aluminum finish for the lid, which I have been on record against. Personal preferences aside, the aluminum finish for the top of the can is tied in well with the mirror finish for the monster logo. Cool touch. Additionally, in keeping with the "Ultra Fiesta" theme are Día de los Muertos graphics in the background throughout the can. The label also has a grippy texture across most of the can. I think the can does a fantastic job of blending different elements to make the packaging visually engaging without being overwhelming. Job well done.



I found Ultra Fiesta to be middle of the road in many ways. The carbonation is moderate and the associated initial kick or "mouth feel" is not very strong, although the flavor does provide a relatively strong reaction at first. This combines for a moderate initial feel. The ensuing kick is stronger. I can't trace it but whatever Monster is putting in there packs a punch, especially for 150mg of caffeine.

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