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Monster Rehab Tea Peach

I was pleasantly surprised by Monster Peach Tea

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I was pleasantly surprised by Monster Peach Tea. This is the second time that I've reviewed one of Monster's tea based drinks and I shouldn't have doubted the combination for a second time. It has a very sweet peach and tea flavor despite only 4g of sugar. It strays far enough from the typical energy drink flavoring that it could be considered a competitor to Snapple and other bottled teas. I've had better tasting energy drinks, but for the unique combination Monster has here, don't underestimate it.



I am usually not a fan of any peach flavoring, whether artificial or natural. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by Rehab Peach Tea. Quite a bit surprised, honestly. The flavor is quite sweet, almost in an addicting way. I found that I was tempted to keep sipping on the drink, despite having other things to do. After the initial shock wore off I decided that it was slightly too sweet for my preference. Regardless, it's a good tasting beverage that is lighter and more refreshing than the typical syrupy energy drink.



The design of the Monster Rehab cans are not my favorite and Peach Tea is not excluded from that critique. It does look slightly better with the peach color explosion on the label as opposed to the Rehab Tea Lemonade that I previously reviewed. I really like the black background color and don't mind the fonts, but the overall package doesn't do anything special.



Monster Peach Tea has 160mg of caffeine "from all sources" as listed on the can. I assume they're referring to the combination of their usual energy blend and any caffeine that may come from the tea. The drink did not feel that stimulating in this instance, however, I think 160mg is an appropriate amount of caffeine.

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