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Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy may not be a world beater in its original form but it stands the test of time and that's worthy of respect

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The original Monster, although no spring chicken, it still holds true. The flavor is bold and delicious, without having some of the faults found in cheaper drinks. The prominent logo and unique fonts still look great, despite the cash grabbing ads on the side of the label. The biggest fault of the drink is its nutrition, or lack thereof. Some of the nutrition facts are eye popping. Although concerning, it is common for the original drinks to be less healthy, especially when considering its original release date (2002). Monster Energy may not be a world beater in its original form but it stands the test of time and that's worthy of respect.



Monster Energy is the quintessential Monster flavor. Sweet, syrupy flavor without feeling sticky, unlike drinks that have high fructose corn syrup. There are hints of sour apple within the sweetness. Perhaps that's where the green theme comes from, although I am not sure. It's delicious, although surpassed by some of Monster's own variants. That is entirely okay, as the original flavor sets the standard, which is still a fairly high bar.



The original Monster has a classic appearance right? Mostly. The front of the can has the black background with the iconic green logo. If you rotate it to the side however, you'll see an ad for the latest Halo game and newest Xbox. Monster isn't afraid to bring in some advertising dollars. The advertising isn't intrusive and I doubt Monster's customers will mind too much. That being said, I'm going to hold it against the company a bit, as the original should look original.



Monster Energy has 160mg of caffeine. That equates to roughly 2 cups of coffee, although perhaps on the lower end. I personally find it to be the sweet spot in terms of caffeine content. Luckily many Monster variants have followed suit and are contain a similar amount.

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