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Monster Dragon Tea White Tea

White Tea is an unusual product in a striking package

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Monster Dragon Tea White Tea is an unusual product in a striking package. I was unsure how tea was going to fit into the energy drink mold, but Monster did an excellent job of blending the best qualities of tea into a tasty energy drink. It's an energy drink for those times where you want caffeine, but don't need it to be delivered in a bold, brash package or flavor. Bang Energy would never.



Mandatory disclaimer: I'm not a tea person. That being said, I enjoyed Monster Dragon Tea White Tea. In my opinion it has the best qualities of tea, a light water-based flavor that is quite the opposite of most energy drinks. Most energy drinks have a viscous, syrupy flavor and aren't refreshing - even the summer flavors. White Tea will not quench your thirst, but is the most refreshing energy drink I've had thus far. Being a Monster, it still has some sweetness to it. The initial tea flavor is followed by a sweetness that is likely "dragon fruit" flavored, as Monster would describe. All-in-all it's a fairly good tasting beverage that stands apart from other energy drinks I've had.



It's hard to forget that you are drinking "Dragon Tea" flavored Monster when there is a huge dragon taking up the majority of the front of the label. The dragon graphic is nicely detailed with reflective silver outlines throughout. Honestly this can is a reminder that energy drink cans can catch your eye without having a color scheme out of a carnival. It also some of the classic elements of Monster cans including a grippy texture and drink background story. In typical Monster fashion, the background story on this can includes an off-color joke regarding the drink being fit for an emperor/empress but with no virgins required. This can has it all: a unique color scheme, detailed graphics, excellent functionality, and a mildly interesting backstory to top it all off. I'm a big fan.



White Tea has 155mg of caffeine, slightly more than its sibling line of energy drinks, Monster Zero Ultra. It felt fairly strong to me, which was somewhat surprising given how light and almost watery the flavor was. It's really more of a replacement for multiple cups of tea, and I'm okay with that.

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