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Juice Monster Papillon

it's a delicious beverage that sticks to the theme, although some downsides may limit the success of the product

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Juice Monster Papillon is a more artful, nuanced effort from Monster. Typical Monster drink names and appearances are more on the nose, as opposed to having an aesthetic reminiscent of a foreign indie film. Naming and appearance aside, the drink itself is delicious, at the cost of 48 total grams of sugar. Its syrupy sweetness is akin to a nectar, making the aesthetic feel greater than just the antics of the marketing and graphics departments. Interestingly, the butterfly graphics on the can are the most significant difference between the Papillon and its sibling product, Juice Monster Khaos. It's unusual that Monster didn't differentiate the two products more. In summary, it's a delicious beverage that sticks to the theme, although some downsides may limit the success of the product.



Monster describes the flavor on the can as "a light subtle falvor with hints of peach and nectarine." I would agree with their assessment, especially the subtlety of the flavors. No one aspect stands out amongst the extremely sweet flavor of the drink. It does taste slightly less sweet than it's Juice Monster Khaos, which is extremely similar in appearance and general flavor. There's no denying that it is a delicious beverage, but it's hard to find a beverage that isn't good with 44g of added sugars. There is a moderate amount of carbonation that adds a nice sparkling effect to the juice flavor. You won't be disappointed if you try it but I cannot foresee it being a regular choice due to the extremely sweet and syrupy nature of the product.



The can bears a strong resemblance to its sibling, Juice Monster Khaos. The notable differences are the presence of large graphic butterflies and the lack of a textured grip on the label. The butterflies are a nod to the flavor, as "papillon" is French for butterfly. The aesthetic reminds me of spring and fits the light and sweet flavor of the drink. Butterflies do like sugar water after all, and this drink isn't far off. Good looking can.



Juice Monster Papillon contains 160mg of caffeine, approximately two cups of caffeine. The drink contains Monster's usual energy blend and a similar amount of caffeine to many other Monster drinks. The large amount of sugar may play a role in a different level of stimulation when compared to other Monster drinks.

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