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Java Monster Mean Bean

Pair that with an original design and you have a unique drink trying to replace a workday staple

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Java Monster Mean Bean fills an important role. It may not have any exceptional qualities, but it sits squarely in the growing coffee-replacement energy drink niche. I'm not saying that just because it's a Java Monster, but more specifically how well the drink fills that role. It really is a direct replacement for two cups of coffee with cream and sugar. Pair that with an original design and you have a unique drink trying to replace a workday staple.



Java Monster Mean Bean has the coffee flavor you'd expect. I'm not a coffee expert (or even an avid drinker), so don't expect a deep analysis on this one. I found the drink to replicate the taste of somewhat sweet and heavily creamed coffee. The emphasis is still on the coffee flavor, which is fairly strong. This is in contradiction to the other Java Monster I've had thus far, Farmer's Oats. Farmer's Oats had more of a milk base (oat milk) and was more smooth and enjoyable for me personally. Mean Bean I'd recommend for those looking for the traditional coffee taste and feel.



A wood paneled energy drink? I guess anything is possible with the variety on the market these days. I'm not even sure if Monster was intending to make the Mean Bean look like a light wood grain but that's what I'm going with. Real coffee shop vibes, just as intended. All observational musings aside, this can is an oddball. The color scheme and graphics aren't the most aesthetically pleasing, but it certainly fits the coffee theme. I'm in the middle on this one.



Mean Bean has 188mg of caffeine, or approximately two cups of coffee. Monster's drinks are usually well thought out and I'm sure that this was by design. Let's be honest, the marketing team probably relished the opportunity to point that fact out. Regardless, 188mg is a sweet spot in terms of balancing energy provided and avoiding any over-caffeination. The coffee flavor adds a little kick as well, to get you through the day.

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