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Java Monster Farmer's Oats

I found myself having lingering thoughts about the drink, hours and even days after I finished it

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Java Monster Farmer Oat's really impressed me. I found myself having lingering thoughts about the drink, hours and even days after I finished it. It was a new experience for me, the first coffee flavored beverage I actually enjoyed. It's a trailblazer for Monster, allowing the brand to target vegans as consumers. I certainly don't expect vegans to rush to the stores to drink them, however it truly is a nice alternative for those who want their coffee a little stronger and/or without animal products.



I'm going to be upfront... I do not drink or particularly enjoy coffee. I've powered through coffee with a ton of cream and sugar before but that's about it. I've also never had oat milk previously. When I first sipped the drink I was immediately hit with the distinct coffee flavor. I thought I was going to be in for a long ride, but with each sip it grew on me. The distinct coffee bitterness became offset by the oat milk which didn't really taste noticeably different than normal milk in the mix. The resulting blend was well balanced between the sweetness of the milk and the bitterness of the coffee. I was impressed and turned into a believer. I still don't expect all of the bold Monster Java flavors to be winners but this one is in my book.



Oh man, there's a lot going on here. The label makes me chuckle honestly. From "Farmer's Oats" prominently printed on the top, to an odd rendition of 'American Gothic', this can has it all. Monster wants you to know that this drink is made with oat milk and doesn't care if their intentions are obvious. The bold marketing of its first vegan drink makes a lot of sense, except for one element in particular. Monster includes a common joke about vegans telling everyone that they're vegan. It's a bold joke considering the target market of the drink, but you have to respect them sticking to the defiant persona that we've seen before from Monster. All jokes aside, the can lacks the usual grippy texture typically found on its zero sugar cans. I found that the can got a little slick over time. Overall, the packaging of the drink is a mixed bag, with aggressive styling that is captivating but aesthetically compromised. I may have complicated feelings toward the design as a whole, but all I know is I can't wait to examine another Monster Java can.



Farmer's Oats has 200mg of caffeine, approximately 50mg more than the Monster zero sugar line. I suspect Monster's logic was to roughly equate to two cups of coffee. In that sense the drink is much more efficient than drinking coffee a cup at a time. The kick is fairly powerful and will definitely wake you up as the caffeine hits. I found that the smoothness of the coffee+oat milk flavoring basically eliminated any initial kick or mouth feel. Although the smoothness is enjoyable and preferred for this type of drink, it did not provide any instant jolt you might need in the morning.

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