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Clean Cause Orange Ginger Zero Calorie

this drink is a dilemma in itself

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Well this drink is a dilemma in itself. I'd love to add it into a regular rotation of energy drinks as 50% of the profits support addiction recovery (hence the brand name, Clean Cause). However, I found it to be so poor that that I couldn't even finish it, let alone buy it again. I believe the target market to be the health-conscious that like to support a good cause and can stomach questionable flavors. If you fit that group, by all means please support a good cause. I really wish I could, but in this case I just can't do it. Perhaps they have some more delicious flavors.



I feel guilty. 50% of the profits go to a good cause. Even with that in mind, I couldn't finish it. It's just not good. Ginger ale is delicious. This beverage is primarily ginger and sparkling water with a splash of orange. I was expecting a sweet orange flavor and I was quite shocked with what I got. It's a little bit better once you expect very little flavor, however, I still didn't finish it.



Yes, that's the drink name per their website. I had to visit their website to figure it out because the can didn't make it clear. It's impossible to tell which words on the can are marketing, which are the brand name, and which are just adjectives. The can says "CLEAN" vertically in the middle of the can and of course, has a clean design on the front to match. It's a blank white canvas for the most part, with the pronounced exception being the large text banner on the side describing the cause and caffeine content. It really is a mixed bag; half of me likes it, while the other half hates it. In the end, it's probably directly in the middle.



This drink has 160mg of caffeine. That is roughly two cups of coffee.

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