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Celsius Sparkling Lemon Lime

The balance of sweet and tart is compelling

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Sparkling Lemon Lime is a great new addition to the Celsius product line. The balance of sweet and tart is compelling. Additionally, I haven’t seen a ton of lemon-lime flavored drinks in the market. The drink isn’t exactly groundbreaking, though it’s a quality option to have.



Sparkling Lemon Lime is sweeter than the average Celsius drink, though it isn’t as sweet as some of the brands that align closest to sodas fresh from the fountain. The Celsius traditional flavor is intact, and I thought the additional sweetness was balanced well by some tartness.



Celsius stays true to its brand aesthetic and this new drink doesn’t stray far. The can has a clean look and doesn’t allow for any confusion with the lemon and the lime prominently on the front.



Celsius Sparkling Lemon Lime has 200mg of caffeine, approximately equivalent to two cups of coffee.

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