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Bucked Up Blood Raz

unique flavor combines with a clean can design to create a worthy product

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Blood Raz is the first Bucked Up that I've tried. Say what you want about the brand name, Bucked Up has a unique product. The unique flavor combines with a clean can design to create a worthy product. It is not the most delicious drink I've had, though it deserves praise.



There is a complex taste to this drink that evolves as you sip it. "Blood Raz" doesn't exactly give many hints towards the intention of the flavoring. Sure, there are some hints of raspberry, though it is more of an artificial raspberry flavoring than the fruit. The product is sweet, but avoids the classic pitfalls of a syrupy taste or being overly sweet. The biggest takeaway is that Blood Raz is a unique flavor that I haven't had elsewhere.



The can design is clean yet distinct. I really enjoy the contrasting colors, including the silver "Bucked Up" that pairs well with the aluminum can top. This is one of my favorite can designs. The only knock is that it has a clear seam where the label wraps around the can. The seam interrupts the smooth feel while holding the can.



Bucked Up Blood Raz has 300mg of caffeine, approximately equivalent to 3 cups of coffee.

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