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BANG Purple Haze

a quality package of good looks and bold flavor

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Purple Haze is an upper tier drink in Bang Energy's lineup. It is a quality package of good looks and bold flavor. The drink may not suit everyone, as is closer to a soda than most energy drinks. It also contains 300mg of caffeine, which may be too high for some. Despite the limiting factors, this drink will resonate with some and could be a popular choice for those people.



Let's cut right to the chase - Purple Haze is basically a grape soda flavor. There is the classic strong grape flavor, albeit with a split second of odd aftertaste. Despite that odd complexity, the drink is delicious and closer to a soda than an energy drink. Bang continues to bring diverse flavors, and with zero sugar.



This is one of the better looking Bang cans I've seen thus far. The muted, dark colors on the can align with the Purple Haze flavor. Aside from the unique color scheme, the rest of the can falls in line with the design of all other Bang drinks.



Bang Purple Haze has 300mg of caffeine, which more than two cups of coffee. I recommend this drink for those who prefer to the bulk or full amount of energy in one go.

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