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BANG Candy Apple Crisp

The flavor captures the essence of an apple with bold taste wrapped in a layer of caramel

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Candy Apple Crisp is quite the drink. It was aptly named, in a scarily accurate way. The flavor captures the essence of an apple with bold taste wrapped in a layer of caramel. Though delicious, the taste was slightly overwhelming. That would prevent me from drinking it as a regular option, although the next time I'm craving the fall or the nostalgia of a candy apple this beverage will bring you back.



Bang's own flavor name might be the best description. The "Candy" portion of Candy Apple Crisp reflects the sweetness of the product. The rest of flavor is a scarily accurate apple taste. The flavor is "Crisp" just like the title, though this is not similar to cider. The drink reminds me the most of a flavorful apple with a caramel layer on top. It's fairly delicious despite how oddly accurate the flavor is.



Bang chose a combination of a bright green and a red for the can. Appropriate choice as it clearly was meant to reflect the colors of apples. That doesn't necessarily mean that the can looks good though, and I'm kind of struggling with this one. It doesn't strike me in any particular way, but isn't offensive either. It may well be the definition of a mediocre 6 out of 10.



Candy Apple Crisp has 300mg of caffeine. That is approximately equivalent to three cups of coffee.

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