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Adrenaline Shoc Peach Mango

Peach Mango is on the weaker end of Adrenaline Shoc's strong lineup.

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Peach Mango is on the weaker end of Adrenaline Shoc's strong lineup. I wasn't particularly impressed by the flavor. I found that the peach element overpowered the mango. The drink also had a strong sweetener taste and lacked Adrenaline Shoc's signature bitterness. I have grown quite fond of the bitterness, which usually contrasts nicely with Adrenaline Shoc's sweet flavors. It may not be the best drink out there, but worst case it'll make you jittery with its 300mg of caffeine.



As described, the beverage tastes like a combination of peach and mango. The peach element slightly overpowers the mango. Both fruit flavors are very artificial tasting, which is quite common. There is a strong sweetener taste that permeates throughout the beverage. The biggest surprise was the lack of the signature bitterness found in Adrenaline Shoc products. These are minor critiques, but they add up.



Adrenaline Shoc's corporate design continues here. I enjoy the black can top and silver tab, as seen on other products. The peach color, while fitting, looks kind of muddled. The label still has a clean design and logo; I simply prefer other Adrenaline Shoc designs.



Peach Mango has 300mg of caffeine. That is approximately equivalent to three cups of coffee.

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