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Adrenaline Shoc Acai Berry

Acai Berry is the best Adrenaline Shoc drink I've had thus far... and it's not close

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Acai Berry is the best Adrenaline Shoc drink I've had thus far... and it's not close. Forget Adrenaline Shoc, this is one of the best energy drinks period. The berry flavored sweetness combines with the usual tartness from the bland to create a smooth flavor. I'd love to see Adrenaline Shoc tone down their tartness a tad so that it matches up well with their other flavors. Acai Berry should be the perfect template for the refinement of their other flavors. I am quite impressed with this product, congratulations are in order for the Adrenaline Shoc team.



This is the best Adrenaline Shoc I've had thus far. Adrenaline Shoc's drinks always have a tartness that usually rubs me the wrong way; however, Acai Berry perfectly blends tartness and sweetness. The sweetness associated with the berry flavor delicately balances with a slightly tart aftertaste. The end result is a unique taste that impresses.



Purple isn't my favorite color, though it looks decent with Adrenaline Shoc's satin finish. The black top and silver can tab are nice touches. It's not the most unique or artistic of cans, but it does the job fairly well.



Adrenaline Shoc Acai Berry has 300mg of caffeine. The drink is approximately equivalent to three cups of coffee.

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