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Sunshine Sparkling Pomegranate Acai

Caffeinated Le Croix that tastes vaguely fruity.

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Time to review my second Sunshine, which in theory are right up my alley, combining my two favorite things - energy drinks and seltzers! The last one I reviewed was Clementine Twist, and I was a fan, so the expectations are real. Pomegranate Acai seems like it would be a good mix.



I remember the Clementine Twist having a stronger flavor profile than this. The pomegranate and acai tastes are so diluted that I'm having trouble picking them up individually. It just tastes like a vaguely fruity, carbonated water. More like a caffeinated Le Croix.



Can is cool. It's not going to catch your eye on the energy drink shelf, but it might stand out on the water shelf. And if you look closer, it's a neat intricate design. Above average so a 6 from me here.



Only 70mg of caffeine so don't expect a massive kick. I like it as a coffee/tea substitute.


Overall, I can only recommend this drink if you're looking for a really light taste and a low level of caffeine. If you're interested in caffeinated water-based beverages, I'd lead you to the traditional Celsius line which is more flavorful and has an excellent level of caffeine.

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