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Steaz Organic Yerba Mate Tea Peach Please

Peach tea with a solid amount of caffeine. Don't expect anything crazy and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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My sister picked this up for me, so shout out to her! She correctly assumed that it would be up my alley.



It has a lot less taste than I expected. But I should have expected this from Steaz. I used to drink them a lot back in high school - and they were always delicious, but subtle. This actually has the exact same flavor as the peach Steaz in a white can that I used to drink back in the day.

I'm not getting yerba mate flavor, and I would say I'm not picking up on COFFEEBERRY (TM lol) but I guess I don't know what that is.



I like the black can design but it's nothing special.



165mg of caffeine and 14g of sugar (all added). 0% juice. It's non-carbonated but I do think it could be interesting carbonated as a bubbly peach tea.


All in all it's a nice tasting peach tea with a good amount of caffeine. I don't want to say it's false advertising, but I do wish that Steaz didn't drop "Yerba Mate" and "Coffeeberry" on the can so that I didn't expect a "twist".

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