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Starbucks Baya Pineapple Passionfruit

Mtn Dew Kickstart + Red Bull + Kombucha... trust me bro.

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Starbucks dropped this new line of energy drinks without much fanfare; but that didn't stop me from getting hype about it. The one I'm reviewing here today is Pineapple Passionfruit, but I also picked up Raspberry Lime and Mango Guava. So look forward to those reviews coming soon.



First impression from the first sip - Mtn Dew Kickstart. 100%.

But then I took a few more sips, and the aftertaste really started to permeate. It's not inherently bad, but there is a slight, noticeable bitterness that I assume comes from the combination of pineapple, coffee fruit extract, and coffee bean extract.

Pineapple Passionfruit comes through both flavors, although pineapple perhaps a bit stronger. The passionfruit is somewhat subtle.

I do like the bitterness, but I realize that many who try this drink might expect the sweetness of Bang, Reign, or Adrenaline Shoc. Don't come into it with that expectation and you'll do just fine.



Cool can. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a similar design walking down the energy drink aisle, so in today's day and age with retailers competing to catch the consumer's eye, I see this as an absolute win.



It feels really carbonated, but I honestly feel like the aftertaste might be manipulating my taste buds. I'll re-evaluate with the next Baya.

Caffeine content is 160mg. Sugar is 22g.


If you like your drinks to have a bit of bite - maybe you're the guy/gal who likes Red Bull, black coffee, and kombucha - and want a fruity take on that, you're gonna love Starbucks Baya.

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