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Sparkling Ice Caffeine Blue Raspberry

It's a bubbly, balanced blue raspberry energy drink that I think you'll enjoy but not love.

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Matt got a whole case of these bad boys so you know I had to steal one (with permission). I used to love Sparkling Ice when they came out, or at least got popular, when I was in high school circa 2014. I'm hoping Sparkling Ice+Caffeine brings back the bubbly goodness nostalgia that I remember so fondly.



I pushed my luck and put this in the freezer to speed up the chilling process, and I have to say it paid off. It is absolutely freezing and has to be on the cusp of actually becoming ice.

As far as the actual taste, it's really freaking good. Blue raspberry is the one flavor that I don't mind being exceedingly sweet, and while it's not super sweet, I'd say it's a great balance. It is very carbonated, as expected. Does remind me of the carbonation from sparkling water with how tangible it is.

There is a slight aftertaste, and if I had to guess it comes from (1) the green tea extract and (2) the sucralose. Slightly bitter, which I don't mind, and then a bit of a syrupy aftertaste, which I also don't mind too much.



The can is pretty cool. Bubbles, ice, and the gradient blue design. Really says it all.



Only 70mg of caffeine which I didn't initially realize. I'm watching football while sipping this and it's not giving me any crazy boost, but it's definitely a nice experience - something bubbly and sweet to drink while pacifying my caffeine addiction.


Enjoyable drink and a worthwhile addition to Sparkling Ice's lineup. I think they should expand it to include a Sparkling Ice ++ Caffeine to juice up the content to at least 160mg. I feel like the flavor profile is strong enough to mask any taste from the caffeine as well.

Overall I think anyone like me, who likes or at least vividly remembers Sparkling Ice from back in the day, should try this drink out as well. It's a bubbly, balanced blue raspberry energy drink that I think you'll enjoy but not love.

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