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Rip It Poo Tin Coconut Mango

As much as it surprises and pains me to say, this flavor isn’t bad. The coconut and mango come through in a good way.

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Time for Rip It round 2 baby. I hated the last one (CYP-X), but at only 99 cents I had to grab this flavor I’ve never seen.



CYP-X tasted like an orange was left out for a couple years before being mashed up and combined with the worst tasting energy blend of all time. This one… isn’t bad. As much as it surprises and pains me to say. If you’re familiar with the typical rip it aftertaste, this still has the bitterness, but the coconut and mango come through sweet - in a good way.



The Rip It designs usually look like they were done by a 3 year old. This is no exception, but maybe this specific 3 year old is really talented. The can is stupid, but I actually do like the overlapping Xs and the chickenscratch below the 99c banner. I’m not even going to try to understand or further discuss “POO-TIN POWER” as the name of the drink. WTF. Pours out light orange with low-medium carbonation.



Gonna give an 8 for kick, mostly for having 200mg of caffeine a can, which is the sweet spot for energy drinks in my opinion. No idea what the rest of the energy blend is, but at 99 cents I don’t really care.


How much you’ll enjoy this drink will come down to your expectations coming in. If you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix and don’t mind an “unpolished” taste, you’ll love it. If you’re expecting a nuanced, delicious beverage, you might think this is piss water. I admit that I’m biased, having tried and hated the CYP-X flavor, which made me pleasantly surprised with POO-TIN POWER (did I really just type that again). I’d love to hear from the people, whether you agree with me, or actually really love/hate this flavor.

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