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Reign Razzle Berry

Good, but a little bit too sweet. Tastes like blue candy, and yes that makes sense.

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As an on-the-record, biased lover of raspberry flavored energy drinks, I already assume that I'm going to love this. Reign has come out with some bangers recently, like Lilikoi Lychee and Strawberry Sublime, so I expect nothing but the best.



Don't get me wrong, it's a good drink. But it's a little bit too sweet for my taste. The blue raspberry here is very candy-like, if that makes sense. A good flavor profile comparison would be a blue lollipop, or blue nerd candies. Which are delicious! But re-drinkability is big for me, and this is just too sweet for me to imagine going back to it anytime soon.



Reign can design is kind of cool, but the purple and blue color scheme doesn't do it for me.



Reign always comes with the heat - 300mg of caffeine.


It pains me to put a Reign in the above average to good category, but alas. If you've got a sweet tooth and love blue raspberry, you'll thoroughly enjoy this beverage. See you again in like 6 months, Reign Razzle Berry.

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