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Quake Original

Somewhere in between Charmin Ultra Soft and generic brand one-ply.

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From 7-11’s website, “A delicious drink that’ll get you going.” Simple and straightforward, 7-11. I like it. I’ve had Quake Black Cherry and was seriously impressed, so I’m excited to try the original and see how it stacks up against the competition.



Wow, not what I was expecting. Quake Original tastes way more like Red Bull than Monster.

I swear it tastes like if you made a mixed drink of 80% Red Bull and 20% water, and not necessarily in a bad way. It’s less carbonated, less sweet, and has less of that Red Bull “bite”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about with the Red Bull comparison, it has that vaguely citrus-y taste that I think most people associate with a typical energy drink.



The can is an eye-catcher without much substance behind it. It’s really just an abstract “Q” with some wavelengths behind it to simulate an (earth)quake, I’m assuming. The color scheme reminds me of the original Monster can, which I also assume is intentional by 7-11 marketing, so I’m curious if the drink tastes like Monster as well.

It pours clear with medium carbonation



Kick is nice with 250mg of caffeine, along with creatine and electrolytes, if you’re into that. I’m drinking this on Father’s day, and it got me through the hour car ride back to my house with energy to spare.


Overall I would say 7-11 did a nice job with this drink. It feels like the typical “store brand knock off” in that you can clearly tell it’s imitating the OG, but it’s somewhere in between Charmin Ultra Soft and generic brand one-ply. I’m not factoring price into this review since that aspect is liable to change, but I did get a 2 for $3 deal which would be the main draw to this beverage.

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