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Quake Black Cherry

Basically spiked Cheerwine with just the right amount of sweet.

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Expectations coming in low after reviewing Quake Original last week, which tasted like watered down Red Bull to me. If this is good, though, I might have to run over to 7-11 which is doing 2 for $3 on these bad boys.



Ok I’m impressed. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for black cherry, maybe it’s because my expectations were so low, or maybe it’s because it’s my first caffeine of the day; but I’m a fan. It’s just the right amount of sweetness, and the medium carbonation that I called out in the Quake Original review doesn’t bother me at all here.

The best comparison for taste is probably Cheerwine if you dial the flavor back just a bit. If you haven’t had cheerwine, get with it.



Giving this a 5 - the logo is boring but +1 over Quake Original for a nice matte red color scheme. Pours clear with medium carbonation.



Quake packs a punch, as usual, with 250mg of caffeine and an energy blend that includes COQ10, creatine, electrolytes, and BCAA (amino acids) for the nerds out there. Perfect for my current situation in which I haven’t had my morning coffee.


Overall I’m a huge fan of this drink. Basically spiked Cheerwine with just the right amount of sweet. If you follow my reviews, you know that I usually trend towards simple flavors with high carbonation (e.g. Monster Zero Ultra, Uptime Original Citrus). So we’ll have to see if the strong flavor of Quake Black Cherry will stand the test of time.

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