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PRIME Energy Drink Tropical Punch

If you like “red” flavor, you’ll like this from PRIME.

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Time for the fifth and final drink in the PRIME energy review series - Tropical Punch. My overall scores for the first four have been all the way from 7.3-9.1, so I’m expecting this to sit firmly within that range. Let’s see if it’s a surprise.



PRIME did a good job with this flavor. It’s sweet, and very carbonated like the rest of them, but it all comes together for a well balanced sip.

It tastes almost identical to Reign Inferno Red Dragon, which is an excellent drink. If you like “red” flavored anything, you’re going to like this one too.



Nice simple can.



200mg of caffeine and zero sugar, with sucralose as the sweetener. Nice boost.


Tropical Punch met my expectations, which were high coming in. If you’ve never had a PRIME, go ahead and take this one out for a spin. If you have had a PRIME before, expect more of the same with a well-done mix of tropical flavors.

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